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It's a real help to not have to go to Costco and just have the items delivered right to your door. Monster Savings has extremely fast deliveries and their prices are great. The person delivering the items is always pleasant and on time. I would recommend them to any business owner who likes the Costco quality and prices, but doesn't like schlepping to the store and waiting in line for carts, fighting for a spot in the checkout line, and loading and moving the supplies to the business.

Rebecca C. DVM of Symphony Veterinary Center, Manhattan, NY

If you're like me and love the savings of buying in bulk, but hate the schlep and waiting on lines, then Monster Savings is for you. The website is easy to use and Michael delivers promptly. He is quick to answer emails, too, if you have any questions. I highly recommend this service to all Manhattanites!

Maureen M., Manhattan, NY

The delivery service always comes with a smile, the orders arrive on time, the products are always fresh and in great condition and the prices are excellent.

Stux Capital

I have ordered numerous times from you. The site is easy to use. I saved a lot of money - especially on diapers for my twins. And, just in general, not having to carry home cases of drinks, or toilet paper or paper towels is great.

Steven A.

We use Monster Savings for all the bulky and heavy stuff. I still get some specialty items from Fairway, but now I don't fill the bag with other things that are a pain to carry. And I love it that now the "we're-out-of-toilet-paper" crisis only happens twice a year instead of once a month. Thank You.

George E.

Super easy way to order the house staples. Then you can throw in a few items that Costco does best--a huge jar of pretzels--for fun and good savings!

Cynthia Y.

I love Monster Savings! I have a one year old baby and a hungry dog. I don't have the time to go to Costco (and, neither does my wife), but I still want to save every penny that I can. This site makes it easy to order and they deliver right to my door. I have not waited in line at Duane Reade in months. I order from Monster Savings once a month.

Bob C.

Love the Costco prices and big box selection but hate the hassle of boxing my purchases and loading my car. With Monster Savings, my cases of water and reams of paper towels are one click away. My midnight orders are waiting at my door the next day!

Mindy G.

For anyone who has ever ordered steaks, chicken, pork or eggs at Costco, you know that you cannot find better products anywhere in New York City. The Prime Rib Eyes are the best I have ever eaten and are less than half what I pay anywhere else.

Tony R.

My hectic life as an office manager has gotten just one step easier after changing vendors to Monster Savings. Michael and his staff will do anything to make sure that I get the products that I need at the best prices. We have over 400 employees and we are seeing significant savings - which makes my boss happy.

Sharon B.