Monster Savings serves business customers in Manhattan delivering the highest quality products from Costco with topnotch customer service at the lowest possible prices. The truest testament to our service is that once a new customer tries us out, they stay with us week after week, month after month, and year after year. Our customers aren’t dumb and there’s plenty of competition among vendors. Our customers stick with Monster Savings because of the value they receive with every order.

The bottom line is this

We want you to start ordering from Monster Savings and, once you become a regular,
we will do (almost) anything to keep you happy. Learn more about Monster Savings.

Michael Eberstadt

The Boss, Michael Eberstadt delivering to Gilt

Tyrone and Eugene

Tyrone and Eugene loading the trucks

Seafood Deliver

Ron catches one at summer fishing outing in Sheepshead Bay

About the Founder - Michael Eberstadt:

Michael Eberstadt founded Monster Savings (then Big Box Deliveries) in 2009. He would often shop at Costco buying baby back ribs for his BBQ restaurant, Rack & Soul, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Soon, he was also buying products for his family realizing just how much money he was saving on every day groceries, cleaning supplies, health products, etc. From that realization, he thought he could supply friends and then businesses as well. With the rapid growth of the tech community - our bread and butter - in New York City, Monster Savings has grown as well. Michael is a lifelong New Yorker as is his wife with whom he has two teenage kids. Michael understands that the continued growth and success of Monster Savings comes from serving customers at the highest level which means finding and retaining the best possible employees which means paying them properly and making sure that all employees understand that Monster Savings will rise or fall based upon collective efforts. Our mantra really is that we are only as good as our last delivery.

Our Team in Action

Loading up the trucks in the morning

Loading up the trucks in the morning
Grocery Store
Monster Savings and Costco

Monster Savings and Costco - A match made in heaven (NYC)