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Monster Savings and Yelp Reviews

I want to thank all of you who posted such positive reviews about Monster Savings on Yelp. Apparently, they were too uniformly positive because Yelp's comments filter decided to sequester them all. So, I am posting your reviews below. Thank you again. 4/10/2013 I place a weekly order with Monster Savings for snacks and supplies for my office. The delivery guys are always friendly and if they are going to be late, someone always calls or emails to let me know. I've had nothing but great experiences with Monster. 4/10/2013 I use Monster Savings to buy snacks and beer for my office of 50+. Monster Savings is always on time, cold, and fresh! In New York, it is very difficult to transport anything in bulk, especially a Costco trip, and Monster Savings takes all of the stress out of it! We have also started using smartli replenish which guesses what my order for the week will be based on previous orders. It automatically fills up your cart so all you need to do is edit and submit! I highly recommend using Monster Savings over any other grocery delivery service. It has name brands for great prices and in the bulk we need! 4/10/2013 I place weekly orders with Monster Savings to feed an office of about 45 people. The guys who deliver are always super friendly. Monster Savings offers great variety, fair prices and efficient customer service. Love the "Shop from Previous Order" feature- saves me a lot of time. Great company! 4/10/2013 We use Monster Savings for our office. For snacks, milk, fruit, cereal. They also serve beer which we use for beer fridays. You can choose a delivery time, they are punctual and reliable. Inform you if a product is not arriving. Provide you credit the same day. It is a great way to purchase items that are reasonable and affordable. Delivery personnel is courteous, friendly and helpful. Great service, definitely recommend it! Great Job! 4/9/2013 We use Monster Savings for our office and they have always done a great job at making sure all our stuff arrives in time and is where it needs to be. They even remember what you usually order and call you if they think you made a mistake!!! For example, I ordered the wrong size beer by mistake and they called me asking if that was really what I wanted. Thanks to their attention our team got what they wanted :-) 3/20/2013 I recently bought beer and other beverages from Monster Savings. Monsters beer prices are fantastic!!!!!!!! The selection is amazing and has a wide variety. It is like shopping Flair Beverages on 207th street. I couldn't make it to Flair, however I took a chance to order from monster and the savings are closest to flair that I have found. It is like having Flair Beverage in your living room!!!!! Five star in my eyes. 4/24/2013 I use Monster Savings to stock our office kitchen. The prices really can't be beat. We use Fresh Direct for a handful of things they don't stock, but Monster has really taken a bulk of our business away from FD. I'd say, in terms of items, we order 80% from Monster, 20% from Fresh Direct now, when it used to be 100% FD. People who list that it's in bulk as a con, really?! They are shopping at Costco, what do you expect? That's the whole point. Using Monster has reduced our bills A TON. We stock beer and our savings on that alone per week is $30-40, for our parties, a huge amount more. They also have the best selection of beer you will find. I also would like to say, they have great customer service. The president of the company is very focused in this area, and the delivery staff extremely professional. Unlike Fresh Direct, it's generally always the same people, and since they know where I put things, they get put in the appropriate places instead of me having to haul things around after the fact. This is huge.

Costco Employees are on the Ball

This happens all the time at Costco. A cashier has a question about an item number and asks another cashier(s) if they know it and invariably two or three other cashiers have the answer. Item numbers at Costco often have six digits. It is amazing how on top of their jobs employees at Costco are.

Michael Eberstadt's wife has a real job

My wife, Nina Beattie, is a partner at Brune and Richard which was written about admirably and accurately in today's New York Times. If you ever need a white collar criminal defense attorney, there's no one better than Nina.

Monster Savings Makes 5,000th Delivery!

Monster Savings is please to announce that we just made our 5,000th delivery - for which we thank each and every one of our customers. This is not an April Fool's.

Yet Another Reason to Like and Respect Costco

Here is another excellent article on Costco. Monster Savings has been sourcing products at the Costco on 116th Street for years now. We have never met a Costco employee there who wasn't hard-working, pleasant, and smart. The store is spotless. Costco treats its employees well which makes our life easier which helps us to keep our costs as low as possible. A virtuous circle. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/costco-ceo-minimum-wage-craig-jelinek_n_2818060.html