On My Mind

Shout Out to New Monster Savings Website Designer and Engineer

We have had a great response to the new Monster Savings website. The designer for the new website is Jan Boyce. Jan also did the original website design and the design work for my old restaurants: Slice of Harlem, Bayou, and Rack & Soul. Her email is janlindy8@gmail.com. The website engineer, from web development studio Optimum Systems Online, has always been Alexander O. You can reach Alex at 203-493-6245 or by email. If anyone ever needs a designer or a website engineer, you can't do better than Jan and Alex. Michael Eberstadt Owner - MonsterSavings

Monster Savings Updates Website

In the next week, Monster Savings will have a brand new website design. We have learned a lot from our customers over these past three years and we hope that our new design reflects the awesome feedback we have received. Please let us know what you think. And, thank you as always for using Monster Savings.

I'm Proud Of What We Do

I am proud that Monster Savings is in the business of doing stuff; we are not middlemen hooking up providers and consumers and taking a piece of the action. I am proud that we have real trucks and real, hard-working employees who supply a valuable service to real, hard-working customers.

Congratulations to Joyride Coffee on an Excellent Article in Business Insider

This is a great article on Joyride Coffee I had an outstanding cup of their coffee just the other day when I delivered Monster Savings to Gilt in Brooklyn.

Ommegang Beer and Game of Thrones

Monster Savings is please to offer 7 varieties of Ommegang Beers - as seen on Game of Thrones - in both 12 oz and 25 oz bottles. Drink up!