On My Mind

Oscar uses Monster Savings. Monster Savings uses Oscar

I am pleased to have started purchasing health insurance for Monster Savings' employees from Oscar. Pleased in part because Oscar has been a long time customer of Monster Savings. Pleased to a greater extent because I am saving a significant amount of money with a superior product. Michael Eberstadt Owner - MonsterSavings

Monster Savings Buys a Third Truck

We bought our third truck today. We're continuing to grow thanks to our customers. We hope to be able to deliver (a bit) earlier in the day now. Michael.

Memorial Day Monday May 26 - Closed

We are closed for Memorial Day Monday May 26. Thank you and have a great weekend. Michael. Michael Eberstadt Owner - MonsterSavings

Subway Advertisements and Monster Savings

I am always pleased to see a number of Monster Savings' customers advertise in the subways. Oscar, Handybook, and Squarespace are all longtime customers. Michael Eberstadt Owner - MonsterSavings

Tipping Monster Savings Employees

Many of our customers have expressed an interest in tipping Monster Savings' employees. While this is in no way expected or required, it is, of course, appreciated. At Check Out, you can now add on a tip that will be shared equally among our four employees. Thank you very much.