On My Mind

Perhaps all bosses are obsessive

I was obsessing about some (arguably stupid and certainly minute) detail the other day when I remembered the scene in Casino in which Robert DeNiro storms into the kitchen and demands that an equal number of blueberries go into every blueberry muffin. This I understand.

Please have your orders in by 7:30 PM

In order to get on the road earlier in the morning and arrive at your office earlier in the day, we are asking that you place your order by 7:30 PM at the latest for next day delivery. If a desired delivery date is ever "sold out" (because we are full for the day), please always email Michael at michael@monstersavings.com and I will change it to your desired delivery date.

It's That Time Of Year Again

Pumpkin Ales and Octoberfest Lagers are back in stock. Time to get ready for fall.

5 Most Ordered Items

Our 5 most ordered items are: Bananas, Canada Dry Seltzer (in the can), Diet Coke (in the can), Half & Half, Canada Dry Lemon Lime Seltzer (in the can). Also, Almonds are the most popular nut. Special K with Berries is the most popular cereal. String Cheese, Popcorners, Nature Valley Granola Bars and Clementines are all very popular.

Businesses in the People's Republic of Brooklyn - we want you.

If you are a business in Brooklyn, Monster Savings is (finally) set up to deliver to you. Please email Michael at michael@monstersavings.com to get you set up. Thank you. Michael Owner - MonsterSavings