On My Mind

New Employees at Monster Savings

As we continue to grow, we've added 2 new part time employees: Chris and James. I take seriously the fact that "we have been invited into your space" and want to ensure that every interaction between a Monster Savings employee (or owner) and customer is pleasant and professional. I want our customers to get to know us a bit better with each delivery until we have earned the right to be simply a welcomed part of a customer's busy day.

Happy New Years from Monster Savings

Monster Savings wishes a healthy, happy, and successful New Year to all of our customers. Our business would not exist without you. We look forward to delivering to you in 2013.

Double EE Partnership Announced

Monster Savings is pleased to announce that starting early in the New Year we will be offering a new, automatic replenishment service. We have partnered with Double EE which has created the technology to "learn" your orders so that over time we can know when you will need more milk (or beer) in the fridge or cereal in the pantry. I believe that customers value Monster Savings not only because we save you money, but because of the ease of our service. Automatic replenishment is the logical next step in making customers' lives even easier. Naturally, you won't be required to use this service (you can still order just the way you've always done), but, if you do try the automatic replenishment, I think you'll love it. More information to come when the service is up and running. Happy holidays!

Hurricane Sandy Monster Donation

Monster Savings is proud to partner with Occupy Sandy -www.occupysandy.com -which has been instrumental in coordinating relief efforts to New York City neighborhoods hit hardest by Sandy. Occupy has recommended the following list of items for you to purchase for donation. Monster Savings will drop off all of the donations every Friday at an Occupy distribution center. Occupy will make sure your donations are distributed to those people in the greatest need. In the spirit of partnership, I would like to acknowledge your support by listing your company name and donations on the Monster Savings website. Please email me at michael@monstersavings.com if you would prefer your donation to be anonymous.

Monster Savings is a committed member of the New York City community

Monster Savings is a committed member of the New York City community. We work here. We live here. Our kids go to school here. To that end, Monster Savings wants to partner with our customers to bring some relief to victims of Sandy. Starting next week, customers can donate needed items through the Monster Savings website. Every Friday, Monster Savings will drive all of the donated items out to the Rockaways for distribution. We are working with local groups in the Rockaways to make sure that your donations will do the most good. Check back here next week for a list of recommended items for donation. Thank you!