Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is $250. We could either have a business model that has a big mark up and expects to deliver just a few items to customers or that has a small mark up and expects to deliver a lot of items to customers. Monster Savings is the latter.

Is there a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee, unless you somehow don’t reach $40 in savings on your total order. With all of the great bulk items we offer at a steep discount over Manhattan prices, though, it’s very easy to save at least $40 on everything you purchase.

When is the cut off time for ordering for next day delivery?

We deliver Monday through Friday. For Monday delivery, please place your order by 5:30 PM on Sunday. For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, please place your order by 6:30 PM the day before. In the event that your desired delivery date is unavailable, please select and check out with a future date and then email Michael at michael@monstersavings.com and tell him the date you actually want. Michael will then change it to that date.

How do I add in items to an existing order?

Unfortunately, we are not set up technically to add in items to an existing order. Please place a second order which will be delivered with your first order. If the second order has a delivery fee, it will, of course, be refunded. If, at check out, the delivery date for your second order (which should be the delivery date of your first order) is unavailable, please select and check out with a future date and then email Michael at michael@monstersavings.com. Michael will then change the second delivery date to match the first delivery date.

How does the rewards program work?

Monster Savings offers a 2% cash back rewards program in which for every $1250 worth of products you have purchased on one order or a combination of multiple orders, you will automatically receive $25 off the following order after the $1250 threshold has been crossed. Our biggest business customer last year received almost $6000 worth of free products through the rewards program.

I live outside of Manhattan, can you deliver to me?

We currently only deliver within specific neighborhoods in Manhattan to residential customers. Before ordering, please make sure your apartment building is within our delivery zone. For business customers, we deliver throughout Manhattan and will consider delivering to your business in all the boroughs. Please email us with any questions about our delivery area.

Can you deliver to a non-doorman building if someone is home to accept a package?

We deliver exclusively to doorman buildings that can accept and properly store perishable and non-perishable items. Because of the way our delivery schedule works, it's important that someone is always around to accept deliveries. We don't want you waiting around for us all day.

When is my order coming?

We load up the trucks every morning at Costco and then route the trucks in the most efficient way possible. This efficiency is another reason why we can keep our prices as low as possible. We do not offer a delivery time for you to select, however, our experience shows that if you're a business your delivery will arrive between noon and 5 PM and if you're a residential customer, your delivery will arrive between noon and 7 PM.

How do you package perishable items?

All perishable items will arrive to cold. However, perishables are not "packed in ice". Once perishables leave our refrigerated trucks, it is up to you or your doorman to make sure that your perishables are properly kept. If this may be an issue, we advise you to refrain from purchasing perishables. Finally, frozen products will thaw to some extent during the time these products leave the Costco freezer until they enter your freezer. If, for instance, you think that you will be unhappy with partly thawed shrimp, please do not order them.

I haven’t gotten my activation email yet. Why not?

Due to circumstances outside our control, email can be delayed. Please be patient, your activation email will come though. Please note that certain email providers can flag new email as spam, so be sure to check your spam folder. If you still haven't received it after 24 hours, please email us and we will look into the situation.

My order is missing an item, what do I do?

Even though we keep the Monster Savings website as up to date as possible to reflect the current, actual inventory at Costco, there will be times when an item(s) from your order will be missing. If that happens, we will notify you by email and will refund your account accordingly.

Can you redeliver my missing items?

We can not redeliver a missing item(s) from your order. We will refund your account accordingly.

I am unhappy with one or more of my items. What do I do?

If, for instance, you order a case of soda and a can is missing or damaged, please email us and you will be refunded for the missing or damaged can. If, for instance, you order Skippy Peanut Butter or Charmin Toilet Paper and then email us that you don't really like Skippy or Charmin after all and will we please come by your building to pick up these items, you will not be refunded and we will not come by to pick them up. There is no mystery about Skippy or Charmin. You ordered these products with full understanding of what they are and we delivered them to you in good faith. If, for instance, you order oranges and email us that one or more of the oranges in the box are rotten, you will be refunded for the entire box. If, for instance, you order steaks that should weigh 4 pounds, but only weigh 3.5 pounds, please email us and you will be refunded for the short .5 pounds. Our overall philosophy is that we respect our customers and want our customers to be happy, but, at the same time, we will stop delivering to customers who we think are taking advantage of us.

Why don’t you have all the products Costco carries?

Because Costco is always adding new products and removing others from its stock, we carry as many product staples that we can, knowing they will reliably be in stock. If you don't see a product you want, email us and we will look into stocking it in the future.

Why don’t your prices match up with Costco?

While Costco charges less, you must be a member to shop there. That costs money, requires a car to drive there, and takes time to go there. We offer a service that delivers the great deals found at Costco at far less than other Manhattan stores. We make money by splitting the difference between what Costco charges and what the average Manhattan price is for any given product. For more information, please refer to the How It Works section on our website.

How can I qualify as a business?

In order to be classified as a business client and receive $250 off your initial order, your address must be a valid office address within Manhattan. No home-based businesses or apartment addresses. You must provide a valid EIN and employ at least five people other than yourself as well.

How do the discounts work?

First time residential customers will automatically receive $50 off their first delivery as along as they order at least $250 worth of products. First time business customers will automatically receive $250 off their first order as long as they order at least $400 worth of products.